Our packages

Interested in 360 virtual tours for your business? We have a variety of packages available. Take a look at them below to find one tailored to your needs:


3-9 photos will be shot to create your 360 virtual tour.



10-15 photos will be shot to create your 360 virtual tour.



16-30 will be shot to create your 360 virtual tour.



Is your business a little wacky? We like wacky. Get in touch with our team directly and we’ll figure out your 360 virtual tour together.

Why choose a 360 virtual tour?

360 virtual tours, alongside 360 photos and 360 videos, are a great way of showing off your business. Take a look at some of the other benefits below:

With standard photography, it’s easy to tweak and hide bits of your business that you don’t want people to see. This trick might have worked well in the past, but your customers are starting to catch on.

360 photos and 360 videos, on the other hand, are completely honest, allowing potential customers to take a peak around whatever angle of the shot they like. Looking to fully show off? Why not go for a full 360 virtual tour!

On social media, blog posts are more engaging than standard posts. Photos are 2x as engaging as blog posts. Videos are 2x as engaging as photos. 360 photos and videos? They’re 3x as engaging as videos.

If you’re looking for new ways to get your target audience talking about you online, 360 photos, videos and virtual tours are just what you need.

When attracting new customers, it pays to be social (and really hurts not to be). One of the most cost-effective ways to win new business online is by posting authentic, high-quality content.

360 photos and videos will make you stand out from the crowd. They’re also highly shareable, meaning that your brand will get in front of even more potential customers than before.

How do I prepare for my 360 virtual tour?

Good question. The main piece of advice we give our clients is present the space how you’d want your customers to see it.

If that means putting on some gloves and doing a bit of dusting, or simply running a hoover around the place, be sure to get it done before your 360 shoot.

The better your business looks, the better impression you’re going to make. First impressions really do count and 360 virtual tours are a great way of getting an edge on your competition, so make the most of it!

How long do 360 virtual tours take?

Good question. The answer? Not as long as you think. Here’s the lowdown:

Firstly, we arrange a convenient time with you for us to come and shoot your 360 virtual tour. Secondly, we get to work.

When on your premises, shooting the 360 images is as simple as clicking a button – literally. Most of our work is actually done behind the scenes when we carefully edit and stitch the photos together to give you the best possible view of your business.

This means that we can arrive, shoot, and be out of your hair before you know it so you can crack on with your day.

From our Clients

VisualFlare have created a beautiful 360 virtual tour that gives my potential customers a stunning look inside my restaurant – before they even cross the threshold.



See your business in 360°


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